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ServiceService Details
Sub-station equipment MaintenanceWe have different types of Sub-station Maintenance Plan which ensure your Sub-station maintenance free operation. Our Highly technical team will be involved with each plan and give you instant support.
Sub-Station Installation & Commissioning
We can provide a highly trained expert team for sub-station installation and commissioning maintaining all international standard.
Sub-station and Electrical System Analysis
It includes Arc Flush Study / Flash Hazard Analysis, Electrical Failure Analysis, Protective Device Coordination, Medium Voltage Relay Settings, Power flow Analysis, Motor Start Analysis, Electrical Infrared Thermal Analysis etc. Based on the analytical study, We develop a balanced and safe Electrical system with long lifespan.
Sub-station Equipment Repairing
We can offer repairing service of your sub-station equipment.
Testing Service of Sub-sub-station Equipment
We can offer testing services for your sub-station equipment in our own facilities, from Local authorized Labs like BUET, BSTI, CERS etc and also from International Labs like CPRI,ERDA, EETI or any other NABL accredited Lab.
Logistic support for new electric consumer
For New Consumer, We can offer logistic support service for new connection from Local utilities like load approval, Electric Licensing Board approval, meter connection, line construction approval etc.
Material and Equipment Procurement & Cost analysis
We can offer logistic support for material planning of your sub-station and electrical system, technical and commercial statement, assist for selecting right materials.
Project Consultancy
We can provide a complete solution for your project development and installation that include selection of machine, materials, manpower, plant layout preparation, electrical wiring diagram etc.
Line construction &, Maintenance
We can provide complete support for Line construction, Maintenance, Rebuild, upgrade, relocation & Inspection
Electrical Training
We can arrange different type of training on sub-station operation and maintenance, Transformer and Sub-Station Equipment Design, Factory management, Project management etc.